P4Parking Information Pack

Parking Terms and Conditions Within The Estate

Operating in accordance with the British Parking Association’s Code Of Practice

It is the motorist responsibility to read the warning notices on the Estate and adhere to the rules governing the parking of the vehicle(s) within the grounds. Onus is on the resident to ensure the permit is PROMINENTLY, SECURELY and VISIBLY displayed at all times whilst parked on the Estate.

  • The P4Parking permit must be displayed at all times in front of the vehicles’ windscreen or dashboard only, no other location will be acceptable
  • All vehicles must park in a single bay where applicable
  • All vehicles must PARK in their allocated bays as noted on the displayed permit if applicable
  • No permits are allowed to be tampered with and must be valid and in date
  • No vehicles are allowed to park on yellow lines, double yellow lines, cross hatch areas, pavements, multiple bays or causing an obstruction
  • No vehicles are allowed to park in a NO PARKING ZONE
  • Vehicle’s displaying disabled badges parked within the estate MUST also display a valid P4Parking permit.


Appeal Procedure

The procedure includes the following steps and terms:

  • APPELLANT – the person who receives the parking charge notice has 28 days to lodge/submit an appeal. In order to freeze the parking charge notice at the reduced rate, they have 14 days to appeal. After this period the vehicle owner has to pay the full amount.
  • BY POST – the appellants can lodge their appeals by post to PO BOX 71107, London, SE18 9LB


  • ONLINE – the appellants lodge their appeals online in the URL bar Type p4parking.zatappeal.com 
  • COMPLAINTS/ENQUIRIES – General complaints email wandle@p4parking.co.uk 
  • PHONE – Appeals cannot be lodged over the phone as it is time-consuming and prevent the appeals Team from carrying out a proper process, however, a client can request an update on the status of the appeal via the phone.
  • APPEAL DEBT – the appeals are processed in the Appeals Department and this should take 28 days. Once the appeal is received it is lodged and the ticket charge is frozen until the appeals team has made a decision and decision sent to the appellant. Appellants should not consider an appeal is successful if no response is received.
  • VERIFICATION – the Appellant’s appeal letter is verified for content to include name, address, vehicle registration number, parking charge notice number.
  • CONSIDERATION – the Appellant’s appeal content is considered and validated.
  • DECISION –  the appeal outcome is based on evidence provided by the Appellant and the P4Parking patrol officer together with the terms and conditions of the development.
  • OUTGOING CORRESPONDENCE – a letter or email is sent out to the Appellant informing the outcome of the appeal which can be successful or failed. In the first case, the Appellant will receive a cancellation letter. In the second case, the Appellant will receive a denied letter and POPLA information pack instructing them on the next step forward should they choose to lodge a second appeal.


P4Parking cannot process the second appeal; it must be done by POPLA, which is a secondary Appeals Department set up by the BPA and operated by Ombudsman as directed by POFA (Protection of Freedom Act).


Important Complaints Information For P4Parking UK Ltd

P4Parking views all complaints very seriously and constantly strives to improve all aspects of its working practices through a close partnership with the Approved Operator and the British Parking Association.

To ensure that we maintain a transparency policy towards complaints we would like to explain our current procedures and anticipated timescale.

  • Receive complaint in writing or from the wandle@p4parking.co.uk
  • Review the nature of the complaint whether it is vehicle-related or general
  • The complaint will be placed on hold whilst a full investigation is conducted
  • Establish the root cause
  • P4Parking will issue a response to the complaint with 14 days of its receipts. This response will advise the subject of our findings and will clearly inform them of any remedial action or redress that is considered appropriate. This response will also confirm that where the subject feels we have not suitably addressed their concerns they may be entitled to refer it to the governing body the British Parking Association.
  • P4Parking will investigate the complaint competently, diligently, and impartially and will explain fairly and clearly our assessment of it and our decision on whether the matter is to remain on hold pending further information. In the event of the latter course of action, where the complaints relate to a specific operator, the matter will be passed to a fresh officer.
  • The complaint will be kept on record.


Projected Timescales for the Complaints Process:

Day 1 – Complaint received and logged

Day 2 – Review the nature of the complaint, complaint put on Hold

Day 3(+) – Commencement of investigation

Within 14 days – Response sent to complainant either upholding or rejecting the complaint and explaining what remedial action and/or preventive and Long term action being taken.

Within 28 days – Depending on the outcome. If no response is received within 28 days of the response the complaint is closed.


Please address any correspondence to: PO Box 71107, London, SE18 9LB

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