• I confirm that my parking permit will be displayed prominently, securely, and visibly on the front windscreen of my parked vehicle, whilst parked within the managed development.
    • I agree to park only in the bay assigned to me, as indicated in my permit (where applicable).
    • I understand that it is my responsibility as a permit holder to ensure that the permit displayed is valid and I will ensure that my vehicle occupies a single bay.
    • I agree that my vehicle will not be parked in a bay marked “disabled” without a blue badge on the visible display and in accordance with Blue Badge rules.
    • I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that my parking permit is renewed and in date and is not the responsibility of the permit issuer or distributor.
    • I understand that I will not be reminded to renew my parking permit

    To apply for a permit by post, please send a copy of the V5 Log Book and the insurance document to PO Box, 71107, London, SE18 9LB.