Random Patrol

Car parks that utilise parking spaces on commercial, private or residential grounds with annual parking permits are patrolled on a random and/or request basis. Vehicles that are found to be offending are charged via the issuing of a Parking Charge Notice where details of all issued Parking Charge Notice (PCN) are logged by P4Parking and can be audited by you the client via the PCOM Web-based Application Suite when required.

Pay & Display

Pay & Display meters are ideally used to ensure that the car park becomes self-sufficient. Anyone can park within the car park providing the rules are adhered to. The rules will always be displayed on a Tariff Board, which are displayed next to the parking meters. P&D meters are supplied, installed and managed by P4Parking. P&D car parks are also patrolled by P4Parking officers in order to enforce the parking regulations. P4Parking can also supply a static warden if required

Self Ticketing

Over the years we found that for some developments Self-Ticketing is the best option so very recently we have introduced it to our services. Our user-friendly App is available from the Play Store for free and we will supply further equipment and training necessary to issue tickets.

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