Frequently Asked Questions

A: Our service is free to the client, subject to a site survey.

A: We will supply and install all signage, clearly displaying the terms and conditions of the parking regulations.

A: We provide, for the majority of our services, a 28-day cancellation option.

A: Yes. In line with the British Parking Association’s (BPA) guidelines, all our wardens wear branded uniforms and carry full identification.


A: Yes, we can provide you with P4Parking branded parking permits to issue to all genuine users, residents, staff or visitors.

A: We currently operate in various locations around the UK

A: Yes, we will pursue all outstanding parking tickets. Unlike other companies who charge for their service, our interest is wholly in getting the parking ticket paid. P4Parking is a free service, we incur costs setting up each account and therefore we must recover all unpaid PCNs to ensure each account is financially viable.


A: The DVLA require all parking operators who wish to access their data to belong to an Accredited Trade Association (ATA). We are members of the BPA’s Approved Operator Scheme, which is an ATA that the DVLA recognise, and as such we have an electronic link to the DVLA. As part of their various compliance processes, we are routinely audited by both the BPA and the DVLA.